Pneumonectomy for tuberculosis destroyed lung: A series of 26 operated cases

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Disciplines associéesPneumologie
AuteurIssoufou I
Auteurs associésSani R, Belliraj L, Ammor FZ, Moussa Ounteini A, Ghalimi J, Lakranbi M, Smahi M
DisciplineChirurgie Thoracique
RevueRev Pneumol Clin
Référence Revue72(5):288-292

Pneumonectomy keeps a greatest place in the treatment of tuberculosis lung destroyed despite high morbidity and mortality. The aim of our study was to analyze the results of pneumonectomy in the treatment of tuberculosis lung destroyed in our institution


A retrospective study over a period of 5 years (2009 to 2014) was realized. Are involved in the study all patients admitted to the thoracic surgery department of CHU Hassan II with tuberculosis lung destroyed and operated during the study period


This is a series of 26 patients, including 17 men and 9 women treated and cured for pulmonary tuberculosis of which 2 for multiresistant tuberculosis. The average age was 38.8 years. Hemoptysis (77 %) and recurrent respiratory infections (65.4 %) were the major clinical signs. Aspergilloma have been reported on cavitary lesion in 23 % of cases and in 11.5 % pyothorax was associated. Extra-pericardial pneumonectomy was performed in 65.4 %, intra-pericardial pneumonectomy in 19.3 % and pleural-pneumonectomy in 15.3 %. The outcome was favorable in 23 patients. We noted a pyothorax on pneumonectomy cavity in 3 patients. Postoperative mortality was 7.7 %. The regularly clinical and radiological control of all patients is satisfactory with a mean of 41 months


Pneumonectomy for tuberculosis lung destroyed remains effective in young patients with an acceptable complication rate