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Allergic rhinitis affects more than 500 million subjects and represents a public health problem on a global scale as well as non-lethal; it can affect the quality of life of patients who are affected in particular by reducing the abilities of learning of children and adolescents, or work performance of adults. The cost that is directly and indirectly attributed is important for developed countries. The specific immunotherapy (SIT) is the only etiological treatment that can alter the course of allergic rhinitis and consist of stimulating the immune system using increasing administration doses of allergen to induce specific tolerance to the allergen. It has indications and contraindications and specific modalities requirement that must be respected by the practitioner. The objective of this thesis is an update on SIT and its place in the treatment of allergic rhinitis based on Meta -analyzes in the literature, and evaluating practice and the state of the SIT in Morocco to encourage practitioners to use the SIT when indication is required.