Les tumeurs malignes du rein chez l’adulte ( Apropos de 40 cas)

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AuteurOuadoud H
EncadrantFarih MH

The kidney cancer is not uncommon.The aim of our study is to analyze the epidemiologic data, clinical, radiological, pathological presentations and therapeutic management of kidney cancer in our context.This is a retrospective study fro m cases files of a few patients hospitalized in our urological department for renal tumors between 2007 and 2013.
RESULTS: The mean age of the patients at time of diagnosis was 58.5 years with age extremes ranging from 24 years to 80 years.We noticed a male predominance with 25 men (62.5%) against 15 women (37.5%).The average time between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis was about 10 and a half months (range 22 days and 5 years).The diagnosis was based on clinical, radiological presentations as well as histologic findings. Symptoms were polymorphic, dominated by low back pain found in 24 patients (60%), hematuria found in 14 cases (35%), impaired general condition in 7 patients (17.5%) and mass lumbar in 1 case (2.5%). In 6 (15% of cases) of our patients, the discovery circumstances were fortuitous. Ultrasonography suggested the diagnosis of neoplasm in most of our patients; CT however was used to confirm diagnosis in our patients. Six% of patients (15%) presented with metastasis at time of diagnosis reflecting an advanced stage of cancer. The treatment consisted of radical nephrectomy for 34 patients (94.4%) and partial for two patients (5.5%) and an anti-angiogenic therapy for two patients (5.5%). The therapeutic abstention was determined in four patients (10%) given the advanced stage of the neoplasm. Histological study found a clear cell adenocarcinoma in 25 patients, or 65.8%