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AuteurZaim A
DisciplineTraumatologie Orthopédie 2
EncadrantEl ibrahimi A

OBJECTIVES: This is a retrospective study evaluating the functional results of a series of 10 patients treated with surrey for fractures of the radial head in orthopedic service B4 of the teaching hospital center HASSAN II in FES, during a period of 5years from January 2009 to december2014.
MATERIALS & METHODS : Our series is characterized by masculine predominance, 6 men and 4 women, whose average age is 34 years, principally victims of falls or accident from the public highway, and have presented a type II, III, and IV of Mason. 3 patients had homolateral upper limb lesions associated. The treatment was, in our series, is surgical 50% received surgical treatment by resection of the radial head, while 50% have benefited from screwing of the radial head with treatment of associated lesions . The principal of early mobilization was observed for all our patients.
RESULTS: The immediate surgical suites were simple in all cases. 2 complications were observed: stiff elbow and paralysis of ulnar nerve The average decline of our study was 38 months. The functional results were evaluated according to the criteria of SOO. On the whole, the results were favorable in 70% of patients. The presence of associated lesions and the delay of treatment were factors of bad prognosis in our study.
CONCLUSION: The progresses of osteosynthesis have greatly diminished the indications of the removal of the radial head. Resection in emergency of fracture that could be treated by osteosynthesis seems now unreasonable. However, the resection of the radial head remains the treatment of choice for comminuted fractures