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AuteurSaidi el hassani K
DisciplineTraumatologie Orthopédie 2
EncadrantElmrini A

The floating elbow represents an uncommon combination in traumatology. Few stadies have dscribed this lésion espicially in adults. We report the stadie of 10 cases of ipsilateral fracture of the humerus and forearm, treated in orthopedic service B4 of the teaching hospital center Hassan 2 in fez, during 5 years (junary 2009-december 20131) The objective of the stady is to show the clinical, therapeutic and evolutionary caracteristics of this traumatisme. 60% of our patients were mal with a mean age of 35years. Achieving the right side is clearly predominant.This combination lésion occurs during high-energy trauma : it is of a fall from a high place in 60% of cases, and a traffic accident in 40% of our patients.Oppen fractures represent 30% :- 20% at the humerus- 10% at the forearm Nerve lésion are present in 20% of cases.The different fractures were classified according to the universal classification of floating trauma proposed by AGARWAL and CHADHA.All ipsilateral fractures of the humérus and forearm were traited surgicaly, all our patients who receive ammediate fixation.
Our global funtionel outcomes, as classified by LANGE and FOSTER, are satisfactory with a rate of 70% good results against 30% fair and poor results The prognosis of these fractures depends primaly related nerve damage and quality of management represented by surgical traitement associeted with early rehabilitation